Series-A+ Fundraising Service

Supporting innovative technology companies navigate their Series-A capital raise. Including open access to the global network of investors and expertise of KPMG Acceleris.

We enable UK Founders to access the right investor for their scale ambitions

Venture Capital Fundraising should not be a second full-time job for founders. Access expert advice, support and world-class investors with KPMG Acceleris.

We partner with world-leading founders targeting global scale.

Our Venture Capital Fundraising Service is a bespoke advisory process to ensure high-growth companies can identify the right investors and close on the right terms.

What does the Service include?

The advisory work is bespoke for each company and takes a minimum of 6 months to a deal completion.

Perfect your Plan

Your deck, your financial model, investor KPIs and your plan to scale. The core elements of your approach to market have to resonate in the competitive VC market at Series-A and growth.

There is a notable shift in the questioning from Seed rounds, and you need to be prepared for that. Good documents secure meetings, good preparation closes funding rounds.

Nailing the details

We assist in preparing fundraising documentation, including advising on financial forecasts, the required supporting information, and compelling investor presentations.

Our deep-dive due diligence process gives you an edge, helping you pre-emptively address investor concerns

Optimised Process

Researching, identifying and building relationships with venture capital investors is time-consuming, difficult to navigate and often requires existing relationships

Highly focused investor targeting relevant to your stage, sector, region and long-term strategy. We combine our global network with real-time data to ensure your outreach is efficient and successful

Open Network Access

Gain access to exclusive events, industry insights, and a network of successful founders. Also benefit from access to our firm-wide subject matter experts and our Tax and Legal Advisory teams.

We’re committed to opening our network for the benefit of our clients.

Deal Drop Event

Opportunity to delivery your pitch at a KPMG Acceleris ‘Deal Drop’ event in front of a host of Series A investors.

Audience members include UK Tax Efficient VC, Venture Capital Institutions, Corporate Venture Capital, Family office and Angel investors.

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