February 29, 2024




Published on

March 13, 2024

Wrriten by

Patrick Molyneux

There are approximately 160m children in child labour globally. This has to change.

HACE: Data Changing Labour is leveraging the power of data and technology to aid the eradication of an increasing and emerging stand-alone risk, to both human rights and ESG more broadly.

It is therefore amazing to now announce the completion of their £450k Pre-Seed funding round to enable HACE to continue their mission.

Our role as advisors to HACE has allowed us to witness firsthand the commitment and passion driving this Tech for Good company. The funding round, led by Manchester Angels and supported by a consortium including GC Angels, Ada Ventures, Found Capital, and a network of angel investors identified by KPMG Acceleris, underscores a shared belief in HACE's mission and the transformative potential of technology in addressing global challenges.

HACE's Child Labour Index, the centrepiece of their mission, is poised to offer unprecedented insights and tools for asset managers, wealth managers, and institutional investors. This initiative aims to shine a light on child labour risks within investment portfolios and to foster meaningful engagement with businesses to drive positive change.

As KPMG Acceleris, we are honoured to support HACE in their journey, contributing our expertise to help navigate the complexities of fundraising and strategic growth. The over-subscription of this funding round is not just a financial win; it's a step forward in the collective effort to eradicate child labour from global supply chains.

Quoted in Prolific North, Eleanor Harry, CEO and Founder said:

“To be able to oversubscribe the funding round in the current economic conditions is a monumental achievement for HACE and a testament to the growing awareness of the scale of the child labour issue and the role that technology will play in sustainably eradicating it.”

“We want to express our thanks to all of those who have supported or contributed to the raise and the success of HACE more broadly, including all of our investors, KPMG Acceleris and KPMG Law. We would like to extend our deep gratitude to the wider Manchester ecosystem which has also been monumental in supporting HACE as we have built and grown the business. HACE is on a mission to create tangible change, something we wouldn’t be able to do without the help of all those involved.